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Online therapy offers you new and unique ways to seek calm, change, assurance and inspiration in the privacy, comfort of your home, to suit your schedule.  In embracing new technologies, their ingenuity and great possibilities, I hope to reach a wider audience with good prices and a personalised and empathic service.  You may have found my downloads on amazon or iTunes, or an online search.   In whatever way, welcome to my online Skype page.

I offer hypnotherapy as a stand-alone service or can combine longer sessions with my integrative psychotherapy skills base.  I offer 30 minutes, 50 minutes, or 80 minute online sessions.  You can highlight your concerns, your histories and preferences for therapies and advise me how I can make the best online therapy experience for you.

Email me your preferred times and dates that you would like a Skype call to and I will reply to make the best appointment for you.  Please click on the link buttons, for payments on PayPal before sessions and to log on to Skype.  Clicking on the clock will give you times in mine and your locations: I am working in London British time. My preferences are Tuesday, Wednesdays and Thursday for Skype sessions, so do suggest a time.


Sacred Sleep – Enchanting Hypnosis Tales of World Wide Dreaming Mythology, Told To Relieve Insomnia & Enhance Rest, Healing, Relaxation, Inspiration & Peace.

Sacred Sleep uses hypnotic tales of mythology and folklore to help aid your rest, relaxation, inspiration, healing and peace. Compiling worldwide myths about sleep deities, gods, fairies, symbolism, highlighting shamanic, pagan and spiritual beliefs, these tales are used to inspire rest in a creative and unique way. Compiling this rare and esoteric collection, I have integrated different meditative practices and techniques that assist lucid dreaming, inner healing, subliminal hypnosis and reaching higher potentials and altered states of consciousness. I also give a brief session on useful and easy self-hypnosis, meditation, free association, distraction and calming techniques for personal use. There is a brief introduction on lucid dreaming and how to be ‘awake’ in dreams. I give two traditionally based short meditation practices for lucid dreaming. As a self-publisher, I hope this is a unique, calming, pleasurable and unusual experience that enhances your rest and beautiful sleep and wondrous dreams.

Inner Freedom. 7 Hypnosis Sessions for Calm, Confidence, Courage, Overcoming Anxiety & Finding Self-Esteem in a Truer, Freer Self

These 7 hypnosis sessions are designed to inspire confidence, self-compassion, courage, centeredness and self-esteem, whilst negating the impact of fear, anxiety and stress.  I have aimed for a large collection to meet various needs and to offer an inexpensive collection of sublime and relaxing tracks.  They target relaxation, courage, overcoming confusion, finding your direction, finding self-caring whilst being able to be caring to others, overcoming low mood and realizing the creative potential therein, discovering a truer and freer self and lastly discovering self-compassion.  The tracks use symbolism, guided relaxation and hypnosis, mythology, psychology and shifting awareness to enter and inspire the subconscious and find freedom and self-discovery on these unique hypnotic journeys into the self.  

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