One thing hypnosis is is misunderstood!  The frustrating aspect of this is it is a wonderfully relaxing, subtle and effective way to let down personal defences to assist change and healing.  It is now helping a range of stress-related illness conditions, emotional and psychological concerns.  Currently, the NHS is discovering how applicable hypnosis is.

Hypnosis on its own is physiologically beneficial, though it is the application of therapy techniques that make it therapeutic.  Combining hypnotherapy with psychotherapies such as CBT and mindfulness techniques, alongside talking therapies are proving to be very beneficial to successful evidence-based therapy (Alladin 2010).

What defames hypnotherapy are unscrupulous exaggerations by practitioners of hypnotherapy, claims of 99.9% success rates (the most effective therapies only claim a maximum of 60% improvements in clinical populations), unscrupulous charges and marketing, the ‘cult of personality’. Of-course traditionally the image of the ‘mental magician’ and ‘stage hypnosis’ have deeply negated the image and understanding of how calming, effective and beautiful hypnosis can be.  (Please see pdf for more information).

You have to work with hypnosis! It is a safe and beneficial therapy, but you need to be motivated to work with seeking change and be open to therapy, as well as unique and beneficial experiences that occur.  I record all hypnosis sessions so clients can have a session to revisit and to assist them in getting into the state.

As a well-established method, hypnotherapy aims to reach the subconscious mind and utilise inner resources for change for emotional, psychological, physiological and behavioural needs.

My aim is to find the best way forward for you and offer you the chance and freedom to grow.  I am informed by multiple perspectives on Hypno-psychotherapy and will work closely with you in an open, supportive, empathic and respectful practice that utilises hypnosis for people to find freedom, happiness, relief from symptoms and suffering.

Adam Prince | adamprince@mail-me.com

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