How does it feel to be hypnotised? Hypnosis is an individual experience that often is dominated by a distinct state of deep relaxation that you allow yourself to enter. The individual remains in control and can choose to come out of hypnosis at anytime, where the therapist uses techniques to enhance the self-regulation of the […]

What causes hypnotic experiences? Historically, in human history, there are many theories on our ethno-biological civilisation and the importance of ritual, trance and the origins of shamanistic and religious practice, that have meant trance is an integral part of human experience and cross culturally has been and continues to be utilised for healing purposes (Krippner […]

Edmund Dulac, Hidden By The Sleeve of Night, Golden Age of Illustration This is my first ever blog and my first adventure into reaching out to the World Wide Web of resources! Whether I should be excited or not I still hope that any readers who found this are well, happy and finding their contentess […]