Hypnosis for sleep disorders & free example download. My review & Opinions on the Importance of Hypnotherapy for Insomnia

Pierre Narcisse Guerin – Iris & Morpheus

Hypnosis is a deep relaxation that focuses attention within and allows people to be open to suggestion. With sleep I think it is such a great asset to listen to hypnotherapy tracks, especially with a therapeutic art form that enhances the internal focus for deep relaxation.

A research review by Graci and Hardie in 2007 suggests that hypnosis assists insomnia and can be useful in the treatment of sleep disorders including nightmares, sleep terrors, sleepwalking, as well as overcoming ruminations and worries and is useful to assist sleepless people.  Cognitive behavioral therapy, relaxation techniques, those that focus the mind away from worries and mindfulness are also shown in the literature to be very beneficial.  

This paper calls for extensive research into hypnotherapy as a wonderful side-effect free treatment for insomnia. However the irony here sometimes I think with medical and academic research is that it doesn’t go into the nature of the trance material.  A great poem, a wonderful story, the sounds of nature, relaxing music,  a myth, a fairytale, even a sublime movie will draw us into natural trances.  Times where you may have fallen asleep inspired by and artistry that takes you into a dreamy state. 

A frequent misunderstanding about hypnosis is that it is a specialized technique and not a therapy itself.  According to Milton H. Erickson, ‘It is the patient who does the work. All that the therapist does is provide conditions in which this work can be done’.  If this goes alongside sleep hypnosis, then to me the right conditions would be something dreamy and beautiful to lull people into sleep.  For others it might be more practical skills that could be looked at in different ways in therapy.

People have many different needs even on different days and nights, but the wonderful thing about hypnosis and hypnotherapy is that trying it is such a worthwhile venture where there is nothing to lose.  Similarly another review on hypnosis and sleep disorders comes to the same conclusion that there are often benefits though what needs to be accounted for is the distinct nature of the therapist and how well this relates to client’s needs as well as allowing any of their concerns and misconceptions about hypnosis   (Ng & Lee 2008).  Unfortunately hypnosis is daunted by superstition, public misunderstanding and religion promoting is as occultism, limiting the research and the use of this wonderful therapy.

Anything that helps improve people sleep by redirecting clients away from their anxiety producing thoughts and allowing them to experience the benefits by reducing stress in the body and another system can only be a wonderful thing! 

Therefore in my hypnotherapy, counseling, psychotherapy practice in Manchester city centre, I combine integrative psychotherapies to benefit people’s individual’s needs, perhaps working with CBT, NLP, hypnotherapy, mindfulness based meditation-based practices, self-compassion techniques and dreaming approaches.  It all sounds more complicated than it is and there are many techniques everyone can use to enhance their sleep! 

I have always been a light sleeper  especially in times of worries, so if you will I am someone who was sold on the benefits of hypnosis and insomnia a long time ago and have been sleeping better ever since.  Sleep to me seems so important and this so central in keeping the mind strong and resilient and away from worries and concerns that become debilitating in many psychological or emotional difficulties. 

 Therefore I think that hypnosis and its importance cannot be underestimated in terms of sleep disorders. 

 This is why offer a sample of a free hypnosis download track (33 mins) to anyone wanting to try!

So please do download this fileshare and enjoy what I hope is a relaxing and enjoyable way to promote restful sleep and learn about some of the myths and beliefs about sleep and dreams!

FREE Beautifully Relaxing Dreamy Sleep Hypnosis Download Link (33mins) 



My sleep album runs for 2.5 hours and is a unique product that is so different than ‘go to sleep’, ‘go to sleep’ hypnotherapy tracks!  I’ve tried to make it as informative, relaxing and unique as possible!  (see below) –

Sacred Sleep uses hypnotic tales of mythology and folklore to help aid your rest, relaxation, inspiration, healing and peace. Compiling worldwide myths about sleep deities, gods, fairies, symbolism, highlighting shamanic, pagan and spiritual beliefs, these tales are used to inspire rest in a creative and unique way. Compiling this rare and esoteric collection, I have integrated different meditative practices and techniques that assist lucid dreaming, inner healing, subliminal hypnosis and reaching higher potentials and altered states of consciousness. I also give a brief session on useful and easy self-hypnosis, meditation, free association, distraction and calming techniques for personal use. There is a brief introduction on lucid dreaming and how to be ‘awake’ in dreams. I give two traditionally based short meditation practices for lucid dreaming. As a self-publisher, I hope this is a unique, calming, pleasurable and unusual experience that enhances your rest and beautiful sleep and wondrous dreams.




Best wishes for now & keep on keeping on!


Graci GM, Hardie JC. (2007). “Evidenced-based hypnotherapy for the management of sleep disorders.” Int J Clin Exp Hypn. 55(3):288-302.

Ng BY, Lee TS. (2008). “Hypnotherapy for sleep disorders.” Ann Acad Med Singapore. 37(8):683-8

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