Edmund Dulac, Hidden By The Sleeve of Night, Golden Age of Illustration

This is my first ever blog and my first adventure into reaching out to the World Wide Web of resources! Whether I should be excited or not I still hope that any readers who found this are well, happy and finding their contentess in their own life and in whatever ways forming their own meanings and freedoms. 

My lifelong passion has always been around the understanding of people and their motives, their psychologies, their philosophies, how they define themselves and meet the challenges of life. 

This is a modern world where many people are carving out images of themselves and we face the difficulties of craving, needing, facing disappointments and trying to grow towards whom we are.  Like Victor Frankl, who talks about the movement towards meaning and freedom ins logotherapy, Carl Jung, who talks about individuation, the way that we discover our meanings can be drawn from many strands of philosophy, transpersonal theory, psychology, sciences and any sense of defining who we are to ourselves.  How at odds the 300+ psychotherapies are at with each other, that if anyone tells me they are an expert on everything, I say, you can never be!  The modern sciences have some expertise, but the therapuetic relationship is often marked by the indefinabel, the relatable and not the distant presumptions of stauts and knowing! 

What brings so many people to therapy from my point of view has been, the inability to often accept the self-concept and working against the shoulds the musts and all the confusions, and difficulties that come along with living and also the injustices and traumas of life.  As a therapist I seek to try to meet ways to allow people to find a emotional containment, catharsis and freedom.

What Karen Horney calls ‘the tyranny of the shoulds’, new areas of cognitive behavioural therapies (now in the third wave), look to discover the mindfulness, the self compassion, the acceptance of ourselves and our limitations as well as our capabilities.  What is remarkable for me is how so much esoteric knowledge and depth in human civilisation is now called pioneering in the modern sciences, especially those of psychology as if they have only just been discovered!  The presumptiousness of this always astounds me!  What has been lost across history?  What unique attributes are truly pioneering?  Too often we are reinventing the wheel!   

There are so many ancient cultures and civilisations lost as well as really extraordinary bonds between people over history time that transcends schools of thought and dogma.  This is why seem so important to me for there to be individual choice for people going into therapy, so they can find that unique and indefinable relationship with a therapist and to seek assistance while they feel they are making the changes they require.  The choice, the scope, the uniqueness of individuals to never be underestimated.   To find the bridge to assist people and the moments of the rarest synchronicity, are the astounding moments of therapeutic change I seek.

Evolutionary we are a fascinating species.  There are still so many senses of wonder about us and certainly the possession of our current knowledge is not anyway able to be explicable of our needs, the shared collective psychology in our ancestry, unique imprints of ourselvess and the genuine consolations of true meaning and authenticity in our being us!   Though there is a world of difficulties and challenges, the extraordinary potential is to heal ourselves, to be ourselves, to unify with others in purpose and importance, to discover imagination and transcend time as well as our hopes and dreams.  How to become truer, freer more complete?   There are so many cultural developmental backdrops that impede this and I believe the main points of working with clients, is allowing them to discover the the de-mythologised aspects of themselves and to take the valence out of false aspects of the self and the contaminations of having to be something else or we are ‘not good enough’!  Its time to challenge those political, developmental, indoctrinated and belittling preconceptions for so many before they find compassion and respect for themselves! 

I want this blog to become a connection with  other therapies and people interested in psychology, that goes beyond my counselling, hypnotherapy and psychotherapy practice in Manchester City Centre (UK).    Though there is a danger of sounding extremely new age or sentimental, the therapeutic aspects of growth do not only take part in a vacuum or only in the presence of an expert (though many will tell you different)!  There are so many ways to finding our way forward, and often it is about finding that initial spark to light the touch paper.

The ideal hope would be that all can discover who they truly are, in what ever ways they can and  discover the most optimal meaningful aspects of living for  themselves, but alas, this has and can never happen for everyone and even the pursuit of this is a privilige, a privilige I too, too often forget.    And this blog will aim to rediscover these parts of inspiration, knowledge, debate and concepts.  I wish to go into the world of psychology, therapeutic practice, inspiring beautiful arts and developments that naturally come along and are undiscovered yet.   So over and out from my first post & take it easy on yourself.



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